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CCTV, Access Control, Intercom System and Data Networking

CCTV, Access Control, Intercom System and Data Networking

The Brief

Parade House in Monmouth is a leading retirement home in the Wye Valley, providing luxury to its guests. Owners and Directors Maureen and Claire had always had the vision of Parade House being more of a hotel than a retirement home. With the building dating back to 1777, Maureen and Claire wanted to bring Parade House into the modern world. With multiple staff coming and going ease of access and being able to monitor staff was a high priority. Making sure visitors were not left waiting at the front door after knocking was also a concern. Maureen and Claire also wanted to offer Wi-Fi for their guests at all. locations in the house

Our Solution

Bringing Parade House into the modern world was a big task for us, working with an old building having thick walls and a complex layout. We installed a large-scale CCTV system, Paxton access control, Videx intercom, an extensive wireless network and a large-scale doorbell system.

Having these systems allowed Maureen and Claire to have a better understanding of their staff’s movements while improving the quality of life for the residents and stopping anyone unnecessarily waiting at the front door. As a result of the work carried out by us, Parade House now runs smoothly offering a better environment for both residents, staff and owners.


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Access Control | CCTV| Data Networking | Intercom System

First Contact

At the first point of contact with any customer, we request details on the customer’s request. We then document all the goals that need to be achieved and problems that need to be solved on a
report which gets filed with the customer’s details. At the earliest convenience for the customer, we arrange a site visit. Once on site, we complete a full site walk so that we can also identify any potential hazards or issues that we or the customer may face during and after installation. We also collect the following information, building structure, customers’ budget and health and safety concerns.

Proposal Stage

Once we have all the data required, we can complete and issue the customer with a complete proposal. This proposal outlines to the customer the issues they have raised and the ways in which we intend to solve these issues. Inside a proposal the customer can see a breakdown of the solution. With Parade house we had several meetings pre and post proposal due to the complex nature of the works to be carried out. 

Once a proposal is accepted and we have received written confirmation we then go ahead with ordering in the required system components and a full parts list is completed and added to the customers document folder for future reference. We order all system components to arrive on a specific day that meets the customers deadline, we check all the equipment for faults or missing parts. This is done to ensure we are ready for the installation date agreed with the customer.


The initial stage of the day is to confirm with our customer our time of arrival on the day of installation, ensuring the customer is on site and ready to meet with us. Once on site we complete a walkthrough with the customer outlining the steps of our installation and liaising with anyone else on site that we may impact while completing our work. Once we have carried out all agreed works we complete a walkthrough to check that everything has been completed and meets the specification provided by the customer. Once we are
happy with the installation we then complete one final walkthrough with our project lead to cross reference all work carried out which is checked off on our final completion document.

At Parade House our engineers would be working around the sites staff, management and residents with some of the residents potentially being vulnerable which posed new challenges to the team. Ensuring the safety of the residents would be the primary objective for us.
With a long list of goals to achieve at Parade House it was evident that our engineers would need to spend multiple days on site. Due to this it was vital to stick to a precise deadline and agreed dates of installation.

Task 1. CCTV
First on the agenda for Parade House was to install a new IP based CCTV system to increase security and to allow Maureen and Claire to remotely monitor their business when not on site. With Parade House being an older building we had a real challenge when it came to planning cable runs. With the aid of CAD floorplans and extensive notes taken on the
building we provided the engineers with exact cable runs meaning the job of cable installation was completed on day 1. With a total of 26 cameras it was necessary to run all the data through a locally hosted server. This was both to increase the security of the system and to manage the amount of cables coming into one point.

The issues that needed to be overcome by our engineers on Task 1 was safely working around the residents who freely move around the property. Where possible our engineers made residents aware of their presence and where they would be working. Working with the staff, management and on-site handy man were also a large factor of making this project run without any issues.
With all CCTV works completed Parade House now has a state-of-the-art monitoring system which can be viewed at multiple locations within the property and also remotely with smart devices that are registered to the system.

Task 2. Access Control
The next task to be tackled by us was to install a fully operational access control system at multiple entrances to the property. This would allow staff and management to enter the property when required and limited access to certain areas where required. When corresponding with Maureen and Claire it was clear that the system would need to be complex and fully operational as soon as possible.
Thanks to forward thinking and extensive planning all required cabling for the access control was installed at the time of our engineers installing the CCTV cables. With four Paxton Net2 door controllers installed in the attic spaces to keep the interior of the building looking clean and as if our engineers had never been on site.

Access control was installed on both the main entrance and the “staff” entrance which can be controlled remotely from a central control centre. Multiple fobs were issued to staff so that they can open both entrances by simply showing their fob to the readers.

Task 3. Bell System
Parade house required a system that would allow multiple doorbells to be rung from a single doorbell press, this would mean that members of staff and management would know that there was a visitor at the front door regardless of where they were in the property. This was a complex task for us that required extensive testing of equipment before installing at Parade House.
With the best solution now ready to be installed our engineers arrived on site and began work, being sure to consider testing our engineers made sure that all the staff and management were aware of the specific testing times, there would also be times when the bell system would not be online. 

To ensure no visitors were left standing outside we had one of our engineers’ man the CCTV and personally tell a member of staff that a visitor was waiting to come in. Once all the testing had been completed our engineers confirmed
the working system with staff and management that any further ringing bells would be a visitor at the front door.

Task 4. Intercom System
With Parade House being a busy environment, it was not always possible for a member of staff to come to the front door to grant access to a visitor, to solve this issue we also installed a Videx Intercom system. When a visitor arrives the property, they are able to directly speak with a member of staff or management via a 2-way audio intercom system which allows remote opening of the door access control. Parade house also wanted to automate their new bell system with the intercom. 

Thanks to planning and testing we were able to combine the intercom system with the bell system. Now when a visitor calls the intercom at the front door both the intercom phone and the bell system activate resulting in a visitor never being missed or being left outside for extended periods of time.

Task 5. WLAN
The final task to be completed was to install a Wireless Local Area Network across the entire property. We installed 12 access points which all combine to make one large scale WLAN. With multiple SSID which some had to be restricted and others not, we can monitor users and data.

Having these systems allowed Maureen and Claire to have a better understanding of their staff’s movements while improving the quality of life for the residents and stopping anyone unnecessarily waiting at the front door. 

As a result of the work carried out by us, Parade House now runs smoothly offering a better environment for both residents, staff and owners.


Works at Parade are ongoing and there is always something that can be improved of implemented, as a result it was important for Maureen & Claire to have a maintenance agreement with us. This meant that they would be in control of spending and know that our would be available whenever they were needed. With the works that have already been completed at Parade House residents and staff are already seeing a difference, its now easier to access the property and valuable time has been saved in many areas. The care of the
residents has always been the priority of Parade House. They have already noticed reduced waiting times for visitors, easier communications between management and staff and with a large scale area network residents no longer complain of slow or intermittent internet. 

There are many future plans for Parade House and the long-standing relationship between Parade House and us will see future changes put into place effectively and efficiently. Our engineers are often seen at Parade House checking all systems installed are working at their full potential and are always on hand for any breakdowns that may occur.